The GHE Regimen



Our Viral international all in 1 (GHE) Green House Effect Hair Scalp & Body Restoration Regimen. Is a method originally created by J.I.U also known as the Hair Growth King. He created the GHE Regimen and secretly used it to heal millions upon millions of people all over the world through many different posts, blogs, websites, forums and videos covers by YouTube gurus all over the world. J.I.U designed the GHE Regimen to work with the human body by using the body’s own natural heat that comes out of the scalp and trapping it in a plastic shower cap worn over night to recreate your very own personal, self heated, self powered, self generated (ghe) green house effect environment. 


You can even control the temperature while doing the GHE Regimen by poking more holes around the shower cap to lower the temperature or by doing the GHE Regimen with 1 or more warmer head coverings to increase the temperature. The more you increase the temperature the stronger the treatment become. As you wear the shower cap throughout the night, your hair and scalp is literally in a green house environment created by your body.  Nothing more natural then that. 


The GHE Green House Effect Regimen promotes real hair growth, hair scalp/skin detoxification, protection, cellular activation, cellular rejuvenation, hair/scalp moisture retention, sebum production stimulation ( sebum is our hair and scalps natural oil/serum that is released through the skin on the scalp/hair ) and most of all, blood circulation to the brain scalp and every single hair follicle on your head. 


Each hair follicle is also connected to blood vessels at the roots that carry nutrients and essentials to each hair strand from the inside out, while Jovan Ivano’s HGK HAIR NUTRITION does the same by adding more plant based nutrients from the outside in. By using the Hair Growth Kings Viral Regimen and miraculous hair products together at the same time. Your taking your hair journey to the highest levels above and beyond anything else in the present and in the history of the world. This is the hair and skin care products of the future. Right here in the now! 


By using the hair growth kings  super multi vitamin enriched Soft & Silky full butters your getting all these benefits on your entire body instead of just your hair and scalp . Your literally vibing with the frequency of the earth. Vibing with the natural energy of the sun nature and natural life. Get connected to greatness. Your worth it !!! Do the greatness, to become the greatness.