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The Hair Growth King creates natural hair and skin products on a cellular/macromolecular level, by engineering his products through their ingredients to perform tasks that yield 100% guaranteed hair growth results, hair care results along with skin detoxification, regeneration and restoration.

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Over a 30 year period, Jovan Ivano.U  has dedicated his life to extensive research, advanced real life studies and experimentation. This led to him finding the purest, most natural, unrefined, super nutritional resources to aid in the fruition of hair growth and it’s advanced health benefits and connections with bodily functions through the scalp. This nutrition consist of extracts from tree barks, roots, leaf, plant life, vitamins and thousands of trace minerals mined from select parts of the world that develop the best non-tampered unmatched qualities to give you the most amazing 100% effective hair and skin care products in the world.